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LINX Procedure in Appleton, WI

Acid Reflux Treatment with LINX

The LINX procedure is an even newer minimally invasive option for surgical treatment. Rather than changing or reconstructing the native anatomy, a magnetic bracelet is placed around the esophagus at the connection between the stomach that augments the area of the dysfunctional valve. The magnets are encased in titanium, similar to joint replacement surgeries. The magnets attract at 20-25 units of pressure. Reflux occurs at 5-15 units of pressure, so the magnets hold tight preventing reflux. The normal esophagus can generate greater than 35 units of pressure to overcome the magnets, which open, and allow swallowed food to pass through. Because of the minimal changes in anatomy, side effects are significantly limited.

Dr. Peter Janu is a board-certified surgeon that specializes in treating acid reflux using the LINX Procedure.  With the largest experience of endoscopic treatment in the Midwest and two decades of experience with traditional laparoscopic approaches, Dr. Janu is able to provide a very personalized approach to each patient and offer the most individualized treatment options. Call (920) 731-8131 to schedule an appointment today!


PostOp LINX Diet Instructions:

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