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Wisconsin Surgical Clinic Welcomes Renowned Reflux Specialist to Team
Published Oct 9, 2019 on

On the Rise: Dr. Peter Janu
Published March 22, 2014 on Post Crescent.

CMC surgeon leads state in procedure
Published Sept. 19, 2013 on Tri-County News

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Shaping the Future of GERD Management: Hiatal Hernia Repair Concomitant to TIF Procedure

Interviews with Dr. Peter Janu

Fox Valley Surgical Associates: Understanding GERD

Published Nov 7, 2019 on

EndoGastric Solutions Touts GERD Treatment Study
Published Sept. 6, 2019 on MASSDEVICE

Data Supports Durability and Efficacy of TIF 2.0 Procedure
Published June 13, 2018 on Bariatric News

Dr. Janu explains the TIFs procedure

Published Jan 27, 2011 on YouTube

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